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Global Swede Award


Monday 12th of May the Minister for Trade Ewa Björling awarded 21 foreign students the Global Swede award at the Ministry for Foregin Affairs.

Global Swedes 2014, Photo: Karin Nylund/Government Offices

From Jordan to Lund

To represent Lund University amongst the candidates was Ziad El-Awad, current entrepreneurship student at Sten K. Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship, part of the School of Economics and Management.

Ziad was interviewed prior to his trip to Stockholm for the ceremony on May 12th:

Q: Why did you choose the Entrepreneurship programme at LUSEM?

The Entrepreneurship programme at Lund University is one of the top in the world. It delivers hands-on experience to students, primarily when engaging in the entrepreneurial action framework; an action-based approach to entrepreneurship. The programme brings on a wide range of learning methods, involving both individual and group work, which enable students to acquire imperative transferable skills and knowledge. The New Venture Track focuses on the analysis of key issues surrounding innovation and entrepreneurship from the perspective of the individual, firms, governments and the global economy. Hence, students acquire an interdisciplinary perspective where they can understand the organisational and policy challenges of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Q: What are the three best things about the programme?

The Masters of Science in Entrepreneurship is strongly connected with Lund University’s Science Park “Ideon”. The park functions as an incubator, offering students different services that integrate networking activities, assistance with business basics, links to strategic partners and advisory boards and mentors. These services form a solid foundation for students to kick-start their ventures by the end of the programme. Furthermore, the programme enjoys robust links with the industry, where students are exposed to abundant levels of experiences, knowledge and best practices. The chief goal here is to exit entrepreneurs who are critical thinkers, capable of integrating well in society, and capable of creating ventures that not only carry economic value but ventures that cater for the social and environmental well-being of the country.

Q: Who do you look up to or admire?

I admire my father and uncle who taught me how to become persistent when seeking goals. No matter how far or difficult they may be; remaining focused and positive are two important constituents of success.

Q: What does your dream position look like? At what company?

Following a fantastic year at Lund University, and being immersed with different entrepreneurs, I feel that nothing is more exhilarating than taking an idea and building a business out of it. I chose to join the programme to get insights on how business is conducted in Sweden, and therefore, I aspire to continue with my current food business, taking bigger steps in establishing a new line of organic products for the Middle East and the Gulf region.  

The interview was conducted by Tove Eriksson, Communications Officer at Lunds University School of Economics and Management.

lund university's global swede:

Ziad El-Awad and Ewa Björling, Photo: Karin Nylund/Government Offices

Above: Ziad El-Awad, entrepreneurship student at Lund University, and Ewa Björling, Swedish Minister for Trade.


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