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The Hans Pihl (Deloitte) Scholarship for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of 2010

The Hans Pihl (Deloitte) Scholarship for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of 2010 was awarded to Rick Gorissen and Jens Hagman from the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship, for excellent student results and a successful development of their business projects.

Hans Pihl is former CEO and now partner of Deloitte as well as chairman of Connect Sweden.

Scholarship holder Rick Gorissen

is one of three Master's students in Entrepreneurship working on the development of the business project MusicalEar. Rick was awarded the scholarship with the following announcement:

”for his excellent results both concerning academic grades and practical entrepreneurial endeavours. Together with two fellow Master students in Entrepreneurship and two researchers from the Music Academy of Lund University, Rick has started the business MusicalEar. The business is focusing on the development and sales of a musical software. Rick and his fellow business colleagues have successfully initiated important contacts with suppliers and other stakeholders and have also been successful in their initial sales.”

Schoalrship holder Jens Hagman

is one of the founders of the business project Desmo.

“Jens has achieved very good academic grades during the Master's programme in Entrepreneurship and was awarded third prize in the business plan competition VentureCup Syd for his business idea Desmo. Desmo offers an easy to use virtual donation box and the business has established concrete contacts with venture capitalists. Jens has performed very well when presenting his business which e.g. has generated a promising cooperation with the webshop CDON.”

Both students were awarded a scholarship of 50.000 SEK.