Bästa uppsats på masternivå

Varje vår skriver våra master studenter cirka 100 examensarbeten vid institutionen. Det är en utmanande men givande uppgift för våra elever, och det genererar mycket arbete för våra lärare att handleda och betygsätta alla dessa uppsatser. Ända sedan 2014 väljer och hedrar vi en eller två av uppsatserna till årets bästa masteruppsats!


Xabier Moriana – Armendariz 
The Hidden Effects of Inflation: An Examination of Bracket Creep and Its Implications for the Income Tax: Evidence for Spain (1979-1987)

Theresa Pieper
Child Labor as a Coping Mechanism : Children’s Time Use Responses to Community and Individual Shocks


David Sarasa Flores 
The dynamic effects of fiscal consolidations on income distribution: evidence for Spain over 1980-2020


Pol Barbé Sanromà
Effects of Venezuelan diaspora on Peru’s labour market: Evidence from the enaction of a Temporary stay permit to Venezuelan migrants

Heidi Uitto
New Evidence on the Tax-Aid Nexus. Empirical Investigation on Impact of Foreign Aid on Tax Revenue Mobilization in Africa


Ottavia Anna Veroux
Trends in intergenerational transmission of education: evidence from Colombia


Momoko Nishikido
Welcoming Change? An Individual- and Prefecture Level Analysis of Public Opinion towards Immigration in Japan


Johannes Ludwig Pelzl
“…and they lived happily ever after”? Commercial Retirement in an Early Modern Hospital in Regensburg, 1649–1809

Vanessa Wannicke
Does trade integration in Global Value Chains go hand in hand with anti-globalization sentiments?    A regional analysis of the Brexit referendum


Nicolai Baumert
The Technology-Adjusted Balance of Emissions Embodied in Trade: Assessing Global Carbon Emission Displacement from 1995 to 2009


Bertha Rohenkohl Cruz
Regional Disparities in Agricultural Transformation, Growth and Poverty Reduction: Brazil in a historical perspective


Nayeli Noyolitzin Salgado Granados
Does Transportation Infrastructure Reduce Poverty? Evidence from the Free Federal Trunk Highway System in Mexico

Manuel Serrano Alarcón
The Healthy Immigrant Effect (HIE) in the UK: a study on health inequality between immigrant and native-born workers for 2009–2013


Endale Kebede
The Response of Marital Fertility to Short term Macroeconomic Crisis An Event History Analysis, Ethiopia: 1973–2011