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Lund Papers in Economic Demography

2023:3 Martin Dribe, Björn Eriksson

"Socioeconomic Status and Adult Lifespan, 1881-2020. New Estimates from Swedish Death Registers and Full-count Census Data"

2023:2 Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Finn Hedefalk, Vinicius Souza-Maia

"The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Poverty in Adult’s SES Attainment. How Important Is the Neighborhood? (Sweden, 1947-2015)"

2023:1 Gabriel Brea-Martinez, Martin Dribe

"Social Mobility and Fertility: Applying Diagonal Reference Models in Historical Studies, Sweden, 1905-2015"

2022:7 Ingrid van Dijk, Therese Nilsson, Luciana Quaranta

"Disease exposure in early life affects female reproduction: Evidence from southern Sweden 1896–2015"

2022:6 Finn Hedefalk, Ingrid van Dijk, Martin Dribe

"Childhood neighborhoods and cause-specific adult mortality in Sweden 1939–2015"

Published as: "Childhood neighborhoods and cause-specific adult mortality in Sweden 1939–2015." Health & Place 84: 103137, 2023.

2022:5 Elisa Labbas, Maria Stanfors

"Unpaid Care for Elderly Parents and Labor Supply Among Older Working-Age Men and Women Across Europe"

2022:4 Elisa Labbas, Maria Stanfors

"Unpaid care for parents, coresidence, and psychological well-being among older working-age men and women across Europe"

Published as: "Does Caring for Parents Take its Toll? Gender Differences in Caregiving Intensity, Coresidence, and Psychological Well-Being Across Europe." European Journal of Population. Vol. 39:1, 2023 

2022:3 Martin Bergvall, Maria Stanfors

"Documenting Determinants of the Divorce Transition. Micro-Level Evidence 
from Sweden 1905–1967"

2022:2 Martin Bergvall, Maria Stanfors

"Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce in Sweden, 1905–2015"

2022:1 Annika Elwert, Luciana Quaranta

"The Social Care-Taking of the City-Kids. Determinants for Day-Care Attendance in Early Twentieth Century Southern Sweden" 

Published as: “The Social Care-Taking of the City-Kids. Determinants for Day-Care Attendance in Early Twentieth-Century Southern Sweden.” The History of the Family. Vol. 28, 2023 

2021:5 Debora Pricila Birgier, Christer Lundh, Yitchak Haberfeld, Erik Elldér

"Movers and Stayers: A study on emigration from Sweden 1990-2014"

Published as: Movers and Stayers: A Study of Emigration from Sweden 1993–2014. European Journal of Population. Vol. 38, 2022

2021:4 Anna Tegunimataka, Andrés Palacio

"Oceans Apart - Internal Migration in a Small Island Developing State: the case of Fiji"

2021:3 Jan Saarela, Maria Stanfors, Mikael Rostila

"Ethnic Composition of Couples and Mutual Health Benefit Receipt: Register-Based Evidence from Finland"

Published as: Ethnic Composition of Couples and Mutual Health Benefit Receipt: Register-Based Evidence from Finland. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. Vol. 19, 2022

2021:2 Enrico Debiasi, Martin Dribe, Gabriel Brea Martinez

"Has it Always Paid to be Rich? Income and Cause-Specific Mortality in Southern Sweden 1905-2014"

2021:1 Matthew Collins, Jonas Lundstedt

"The Long-term Consequences of More Informative Grading"

2020:6 Jonas Helgertz, Tommy Bengtsson, Martin Dribe

"Income Data in the Scanian Economic Demographic Database (SEDD)"

2020:5 Kirk Scott, Anna Tegunimataka

"The Demographics of an Aging Society - The Role of Migration"

2020:4 Glenn Sandström, Maria Stanfors

"Growing More Equal and Growing Apart? Socioeconomic Status and the Rise of Divorce in Sweden"

Published as: "Socio-economic status and the rise of divorce in Sweden: The case of the 1880–1954 marriage cohorts in Västerbotten." Population Studies. E-pub ahead of print - 2023 Jan 5 

2020:3 Maria Stanfors

"Gendered Parenthood in the 21st Century? Everyday Time Use and Stress in Sweden, 2000/01-2010/11"

2020:2 Maria Stanfors, Fredrik N G Andersson, Glenn Sandström

"A Century of Divorce: Long-Term Socioeconomic Restructuring and the Divorce Rate in Sweden, 1915-2010"

2020:1 Ariane Pailhé, Anne Solaz, Maria Stanfors

"The Great Convergence? Gender and Unpaid Work in Europe and the United States"

Published as: The Great Convergence: Gender and Unpaid Work in Europe and the United States. Population and Development. Vol. 47, 2021 Review. doi/epdf/10.1111/padr.12385

2019:7 Nuno Palma, Jaime Reis, Mengtian Zhang

"Reconstruction of Regional and National Population Using Intermittent Census-Type Data: The Case of Portugal 1527-1864"

Published as: Reconstruction of Regional and National Population using Intermittent Census-Type Data: The Case of Portugal, 1527–1864. Historical Methods. Vol 53, 2020

2019:6 Joseph Molitoris

"Factors Associated with an Unmet Need for Contraception in the United States, 2002-2017"

2019:5 Mieke C.W. Eeckhaut, Maria Stanfors

"Educational Assortative Mating, Gender Equality, and Income Differentiation across Europe: A Simulation Study"

Published as: Educational assortative mating and income differentiation across Europe. Acta Sociologica. 2019

2019:4 Enrico Debiasi, Martin Dribe

"The Richer the Better? -- SES Inequalities in Cause-Specific Adult Mortality in a Long-Term Perspective: Evidence from Sweden 1813-2014"

Published as: SES inequalities in cause-specific adult mortality: a study of the long-term trends using longitudinal individual data for Sweden (1813-2014). European Journal of Epidemiology. Vol. 35, 2020

2019:3 Martin Dribe, Patrick Svensson

"Landskrona 1900-2000 -- A Comparative Analysis of the Economic and Demographic Development"

2019:2 Jeanne Cilliers, Martine Mariotti

"Stop! Go! What can we learn about family planning from birth timing in settler South Africa, 1800-1910?"

Published as: Stop! Go! What Can We Learn About Family Planning From Birth Timing in Settler South Africa, 1835–1950? Demography. Vol. 58, 2021

2019:1 Jonas Helgertz, Martin Dribe

"Do grandfathers really matter to social mobility? Evidence from Swedish data"

Published as: Do Grandfathers Matter for Occupational and Earnings Attainment? Evidence from Swedish Register Data. European Sociological Review. Vol. 38, 2022

2018:5 Volha Lazuka

"It's a Long Walk: Lasting effects of the openings of maternity wards on labour market performance"

Published as:

It's a Long Walk: Lasting Effects of Maternity Ward Openings on Labor Market Performance. The Review of Economics and Statistics 105 (6): 1411–1425, 2023.

2018:4 Joseph Molitoris

"Breastfeeding during Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriages in the United States"

Published as: Breast-Feeding During Pregnancy and the Risk of Miscarriage. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Vol. 51, 2019

2018:3 Joseph Molitoris

"Breastfeeding during Pregnancy and its Association with Childhood Malnutrition and Pregnancy Loss in Low- and Middle-Income Countries"

2018:2 Tommy Bengtsson, Martin Dribe, Jonas Helgertz

"When Did the Health Gradient Emerge? Income, Social Class and Mortality, Sweden 1813-2011"


Published as: When did the Health Gradient Emerge? Social Class and Adult Mortality in Southern Sweden, 1813-2015. Demography. Vol. 57, 2020

2018:1 Martin Dribe, Björn Eriksson

"Socioeconomic Status and Adult Life Expectancy in Early 20th-Century Sweden: Evidence from Full-Count Micro Census"

An updated version of this paper is available as Lund Papers in Economic Demography 2023:3 

2017:5 Maria Stanfors, Josephine Jacobs, Jeffrey Neilson

"Caregiving time costs and tradeoffs with paid work and leisure:
Evidence from Sweden, the UK and Canada"

Published as: Caregiving Time Costs and Trade-offs: Gender Differences in Sweden, the UK, and Canada. Social Science and Medicine - Population Health. Vol. 9, 2019

2017:4 Joseph Molitoris
"Heterogeneous Effect of Birth Spacing on Neonatal Mortality Risks in Bangladesh"

Published as: Heterogeneous Effects of Birth Spacing on Neonatal Mortality Risks in Bangladesh. Studies in Family Planning. Vol. 49, 2018

2017:3 Martin Dribe, J. David Hacker, Francesco Scalone
"How Context Shaped Intermarriage during the Great Migration to the United States at the Turn of the Twentieth Century"

Published as: Becoming American: Intermarriage during the Great Migration to the United States. Journal of Interdisciplinary History. Vol. 49, 2018

2017:2 Tommy Bengtsson, Luciana Quaranta
"The Impact of Short-term Economic Stress on Infant and Child Mortality in Southern Sweden, 1705-1812"

 2017:1 Martin Dribe, Björn Eriksson, Francesco Scalone
"Migration, Marriage, and Social Mobility in Sweden 1880-1900"

Published as: Migration, Marriage and Social Mobility: Women in Sweden 1880-1900. Explorations in Economic History. Vol. 71, 2019