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Commercialize your research


The course starts 2 October 2020.

Growing expectations are placed on us as researchers, to demonstrate that our research contributes to the greater benefit of society.

Regardless of faculty this is something all researchers struggles with. Of course, there are various ways where we can reach out and disseminate our research. One such way is to create a company based upon our research or to let an established organization develop the idea (such as a company or a public authority). This course elaborate on how you can commercialization your own research, either in the form of a new venture, or as a new commercial project within an established organization. 

For researchers it has seldom been an obvious career path to commercialize new business opportunities. However, over the last couple of decades we have seen an increased interest among researchers to contribute to society and to industry through an entrepreneurial thinking and action, and the development of IDEON and other science parks around the world is an obvious sign of the changes in mentality. In order to meet this increased interest, Lund University has taken an initiative to offer all PhD candidates at the University a specific PhD course with a focus on “Commercialize Your Research” (CYR). 

Aim of course

The aim of the course is to give the participants an introduction to entrepreneurship, innovation and commercialization. The participants are given lectures, as well as practical tools to develop a business opportunity to a commercial product and/or service. The course will give the PhD candidate the possibility to evaluate entrepreneurship as a possible future career path, but also a possibility to proceed in the commercialization through collaboration with existing organizations.

Learning outcomes

After completion of the course the PhD candidate should show: 

  • The ability to identify a business opportunity based on their own research project, as well as the development of a business model based on the business opportunity.
  • The ability to commercialize the business opportunity in the form of building a market strategy and marketing considerations. 
  • The ability to exploit a business opportunity, through the mobilization of necessary resources, for example; capital, networks, team building, board of directors, etc.

Course content

The teaching of the course includes more theoretical oriented lectures given by professors at Lund University as well as coaching of the individual projects from representatives at LU Innovation and IDEON, but also inspiration speeches from active entrepreneurs. A lot of time will be devoted to the participants’ own projects under supervision of experienced business developers.


A passing grade on the course will be awarded to PhD candidates who:

  • Participate on all themes of the course.
  • Submit an individual report (business plan) no later than two weeks after the end of course. 


The course three sessions held in class: 

Friday 2 October, 9-17

Wednesday 14 October, 9-17

Wednesday 28 October, 9-17

Full schedule, literature list and course description will be published on this page shortly. 

Course material

Content to come.


The registration is now closed. 


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